Log of changes

Listed on this page are the changes that have been made to this site with time. As I did not take notes, the list may be a bit incorrect or incomplete concerning the early entries. Minor updates (like "Added five new cards to the ULTRA" or "Removed the link to Alicia's site") may also not be included:

September 9, 2008
I've pretty much given up on further work for this site. Due to a change of my webspace provider I also am now more limited in the things I can do and had to shut down a number of things. This includes the ULTRA list - which was really outdated anyway - and the Link Database which depends on it. Some others I had to change though I'm not sure if it all worked out. There are probably many links that lead to nowhere or broken pages but I just don't have the time any more to invest here, so this is what we'll be stuck with.
March 27, 2007
I'm trying people, I'm trying! But don't hold your breath :-)
June 09, 2004
Yes, I've not been able to update this pages for quite some time. I'm still interested in Talisman though and will probably do some more work someday in the future.
The only other news is that I've "disguised" my e-Mail address on all of the pages to avoid spam. Sad that having to do such a sh*t has really become necessary :-(
August 13, 2003
Moved my pages from the old location www.talisman.ipcon.de to their new location under talisman.c2226.de. Please adjust all your links and bookmarks! Note that the Talisman Link Database is already updated, so everybody using this free service will already have the correct address! :-)
February 27, 2003
Added the revamped Millennium and Timescape set to the card resources page - The Timescape set now also contains my B.E.M. cards which were originally created for the scavenger hunt initiated by Sam and which many people might not have seen before.
January 25, 2003
Added the comics section.
November 26, 2002
Some rather small improvements and bugfixes to the ULTRA lists.
November 18, 2002
Some new sites in the TLDB (and therefore on the links page). Finally added the characters section to the ULTRA.
November 8, 2002
The new "Enemies 01" cardset is now also available without artwork (considerably reduces filesize and use of ink when printing) and the English version of this set (as well as that of "Dating Service") has been recreated with other technically settings which also reduced the filesize a good bit.
October 21, 2002
Well, finally! I managed to do the last two missing illustrations for my revamped and extended cardset "Enemies 01" which is now available here in German and English! I also included my "Dating Service" set which I posted to the Talisman discussion list earlier on the card resources page for download. I also just found out that the URLs on the page were all wrong and corrected this.
August 21, 2002
The bullets or screenshot icons in the TLDB link list are now also hyperlinks to the associated site.
April 04, 2002
On your TLDB links page you can now also use small screenshots of the site's first page as a list bullet (Thanks to Jon New for most of the icons!)
March 20, 2002
You can now search the ULTRA cards list for cards with a given name. Converted all formating of my pages to Cascading Style Sheets and made all (I hope :-) pages conform to the HTML 4.01 Strict standard. Some small layout changes appeared in the process.
February 28, 2002
A little re-structuring of my site (notice the changes in the navigation bars :-). I also have the auto-checking for site updates for the TLDB working!
February 20, 2002
The information that is shown in the Talisman Link Database can now be adjusted in a more flexible way using simple templates. Last updated, updated n days ago, "New" and "Updated" markers and more are now also available. For every site, you can set for what edition of Talisman it provides information and in what language(s) the site is available. On your TLDB link page you may now give a different sorting order and allow people to change the sorting on the page.
January 28, 2002
Everybody listed in the Talisman Players List is now able to set the preferences for his or her link page for the Talisman Link Database using the new web interface (which should make this much easier :-). You can now use a Cascading Style Sheet with the page (though this is still rather experimental). If logged in, there is now a "Logoff" link (thanks for the suggestion Sam!) I've changed the players list page, so the city+country (if available) is also visible under the picture. I also changed the cities/countries page a bit, so you can now select a city and see all the players from that city. As usual also a number of bugs have been fixed in serveral places.
January 21, 2002
Everybody listed in the Talisman Players List is now able to login at this site (note the "Login"-Link in the navigation bar on top of the pages), which offers a number of interesting things to do :-) You can edit your personal information that is shown in the list and also edit the information for your Talisman site (if you have any) in the Talisman Link Database. I also did some other small changes (mostly concerning the layout and similar things).
January 6, 2002
Another update; The first version of the Talisman Link Database is now online! I also corrected some bugs on the pages and of course made the links on my links page come out of the database :-) The expansions list in the ULTRA now also shows a little more information.
December 20, 2001
After yet another a long time of silence (with still the same old reason of myself being very busy :-) I finally managed another update to my site. The ULTRA pages have been enhanced in a number of places, the players list now looks nicer, the cards lists show more information (and instead of all cards in one big list, they are now seperated on pages with a 100 cards on each page :-), more links between the different sections have been set, every expansion now also has its own page and navigation there should also be more easy due to the new navigation bar. www.talisman.ipcon.de is now the "official" home of The Heart of the Talisman and the old pages will be removed.
Mar 13, 2001
After a long time of silence (due to myself being very busy :-) I finally managed to update my site (though it's still only a kind of "preview" to get at least some stuff out). I moved my site to a new, "nicer" location (www.talisman.ipcon.de - Thanks to Ipcon Informationssysteme for the hosting). The ULTRA has been updated with lots of new cards (Thanks Sam, thanks Carsten, thanks me ;-)
Mar 6, 2000
Added about 100 new cards to the ULTRA"
Jan 3, 2000
Added another section to the ULTRA: "Talisman players worldwide" which will be updated as I receive info from the various eGroup members and other Talisman players.
Jan 1, 2000
Yet another big update to the ULTRA (2000 cards now!). Updated Robert Horton's stuff and the page. Added my new Objects 02 adventure card set. Added the stuff for the Elementals online quest. Added the three "Millennium cards" (one year too early actually :-)
Nov 15, 1999
Another big update to the ULTRA (I now hopefully have all stuff from Jon's site in the list :-). Added Robert Horton's new stuff.
Nov 2, 1999
Another big update to the ULTRA (corrections and additions to all sections). Finally added my Enemies 01 adventure card set :-) Added Robert Horton's "Dark Mage's Tower" expansion.
Oct 23, 1999
Major update to the ULTRA (many corrections and additions). Characters now also get their starting values in the list. Added a page for the Online quests. Redesigned my links page. Added a page for Robert Horton's Talisman expansions.
Oct 10, 1999
Small additions and corrections to the ULTRA. Added the characters section.
Oct 1999
Added lots of Sam Wallace's cards and others to the ULTRA.
Oct 1999
Added Filippo Zuliani's cards to the ULTRA.
Sep 11, 1999
Start of the second Talisman Web Scanvenger Hunt. Added the four cards to find.
Aug 21, 1999
Added a list of characters I plan to do to my Characters page.
Aug 1999
Added Carsten Both's cards to the ULTRA.
Jul? 1999
Added the Spells section for the ULTRA.
Jul 29 1999
Thanks to Joe Hartmann (who lets me run the scripts on his server), it is now possible to add cards to the ULTRA on the Web and view the list the same way.
Jul? 1999
Added the Ultimate List of Talisman Related Articles.
Jun 10, 1999
Start of the first Talisman Web Scavenger Hunt. Added the four cards to find.
Jun 6, 1999
Added the new Spells 01 card set.
May 18, 1999
Added two new card sets, Places 01 and Events 02.
Apr 1999
I totally re-designed my old, rather simple Talisman site and made it The Heart Of The Talisman (Thanks Sam, for providing the necessary "stimulus"!)