"The Heart of the Talisman"

You are standing on a small opening in a large park which, if you remember right, is called the "Park of Boardgames" - and surely has seen better times. The grove is surrounded by neglected hedges with overgrown archways leading off in several directions, though some are entirely blocked by the vegetation and others seem to lead into nowhere. In the middle of the opening there is standing a weatherworn column with a strange triangular sculpture on top and a barely readable inscription on the shaft:

"This site is dedicated to the classic fantasy boardgame Talisman from Games Workshop. You may find all kinds of interesting expansions here, including new adventure cards, new spells, new characters and additional rules suggestions. Have fun wandering around! - Thorsten"

On one side of this place there is a bench, that doesn't look very inviting any more but you may sit down and rest a while. On the bench you see lying a little booklet titled "A short introduction to Talisman".

September 9, 2008
I've pretty much given up on further work for this site. Due to a change of my webspace provider I also am now more limited in the things I can do and had to shut down a number of things. This includes the ULTRA list - which was really outdated anyway - and the Link Database which depends on it. Some others I had to change though I'm not sure if it all worked out. There are probably many links that lead to nowhere or broken pages but I just don't have the time any more to invest here, so this is what we'll be stuck with.
March 27, 2007
I'm trying people, I'm trying! But don't hold your breath :-)
June 09, 2004
Yes, I've not been able to update this pages for quite some time. I'm still interested in Talisman though and will probably do some more work someday in the future.
The only other news is that I've "disguised" my e-Mail address on all of the pages to avoid spam. Sad that having to do such a sh*t has really become necessary :-(