A short introduction to Talisman

The German Talisman box

Talisman is a by now classic fantasy boardgame by Games Workshop. Once a legendary country was ruled by a mighty sorcerer, who died a long time ago. Rumours though tell of an artifact, called the "Crown of Command" that will make its possessor king of all the land.

2-6 players are trying to recover this ancient item. They explore the different regions of the country: The outer region, the more dangerous middle region and the dreadful inner region that leads to the crown. (Note: Since the original release the number of regions to explore has greatly increased: The city, the dungeon and many others have now boards of their own)

Every player may choose one from a set of many different characters, each with different special abillities and attributes (those being strength, that helps in battle, craft for magic and psychic combat, life that tells the state the character is in and gold, which is used to pay for services and purchase items).

Every turn (well nearly) a player must take one or more adventure cards. The cards contain monsters and enemies, who attack her/him, objects that will help in the quest, strangers that may prove helpful or hindering, followers that will support her/him, etc.

Magic spells, that every character may use, can be learned from people met or gained by other means, and greatly help in the quest.

During their journeys, the characters will gain more power, collect lots of valuable and useful items, will meet dangerous foes and all kinds of strangers. Finally, when they think they are strong enough (and, very important, have gained a Talisman, which is needed to cross the Valley of Fire that protects the crown), they may proceed to the Crown of Command and try to claim their kingship.

There are a number of official expansions to the game, and a huge and ever increasing mass of unofficial stuff (like the things you can find on this site :-) has been published by now.