New adventure cards

Drawing of some Talisman adventure cards

This place is crowded with huge packs of small cards of all kinds. A sign near the entry reads:

"On this page you will find new adventure cards that I have created. The cards are available as JPEG images with six cards in each set, sorted by type (events, strangers, etc.). All cards are designed with a resolution of 150 dpi and every set is about 150-200 KB in size - Thorsten".

"Oct. 21, 2002 - I have started to revamp - a number of reworked illustration and texts - and extend all the sets presented here with new cards - four brandnew cards in each set! - and a new file format, PDF (Portable Document Format). All sets will also be available in English and German. The PDFs are about 200 - 250 KB in size each but of much better quality than the JPEGs and much better suited for printing. The JPEGs will probably be removed someday - Thorsten".

"Nov. 8, 2002 - The new PDF cardsets are now also available without artwork. This allows you to save ink when printing and also considerably reduces the size of the files (those files are only about 5 - 40 KB) which makes them download much faster - Thorsten".

The stacks are divided into several groups:


Pitfalls and perils on your way.


Dangerous creatures for you to fight.


Strange folks to meet on your journey.


All kinds of loot for you to carry.


Lots of interesting locations to go.


Here's to the future.


Stuff that doesn't fit elsewhere.